Bay Jet Wash Plus

Bay jet wash plus

Bay Jet wash plus unit are equipped with a 5 wash programme. Carwash customers can select their own wash programme using  illuminated programme buttons. The self-service car-wash system is activated by coins, chips or customer credit keys. The remaining wash credit is clearly shown on a 5-digit display. The entire wash technology is neatly arranged in an elegant stainless steel housing. The JetWash Plus series of units are oil or gas-heated or supplied with electric heating.

Water softening is based on the proven ion exchanger softener principle. In the-2 Bay JetWash Plus version, an additional osmosis water treatment system in combination with an 800 l osmosis tank ensures a smudge-free drying result and operational safety, even with above-average customer wash frequency.


   2 Bay Jet wash plus

Standard Equipment

  • Program 1: Foaming
    In order to achieve an optimal cleaning result, the vehicle surface is pre-sprayed with a highly effective Active-Foam concentrate. EHRLE offers various high-performance products, which differ in cleaning power and fragrances. The right Soft-Active-Foam for every application.
  • Program 2: Cleaning
    Brushless high pressure cleaning with hot, softened water and permanent addition of ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder.
  • Program 3: Rinsing
    Rinsing with cold freshwater.
  • Program 4: Varnish protection
    Varnish protection with hot, softened water and addition of UltraProtection®
  • Program 5: High gloss
     High gloss cleaning with hot, softened water and addition of SuperFinish®.
    SmartWash Plus: High gloss cleaning with demineralized water and addition of SuperFinish®.

The EHRLE Plus

    Instead of the otherwise customary brushing function EHRLE relies on fine micro powder beads, viz. the ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder, which is added to the high pressure jet providing a superb cleansing effect without any abrasive behavior.
    are thus a thing of the past

Price – INR 67,78,821