Our CW 1 Klean!Fit gantry car wash is specially designed to meet the requirements of car dealerships, car hire companies or service stations. Designed with a focus on durability, reliability, low service expenditure and compactness, the system performs impressively everywhere that vehicles need to be washed and dried fast and thoroughly. It is therefore particularly attractive for any companies in which the car wash itself is not the actual core business, or where structural conditions prevent the installation of larger systems. Components that have proven themselves many times and been successful for many years in hard daily work ensure both the long service lifetime of the system and excellent washing and drying results. Expanded to include practical additional programs, the CW 1 Klean!Fit offers a sophisticated, consistent overall concept.

High functionality

Outstanding washing and drying results. Practical additional programs for optimum functionality.

Compact design

Compact arrangement of brush elements ensuring low space requirements.

Long lifetime

Components that have been tried and tested many times for a long service life.

Washing height (mm)2300 / 2600 / 2900
Drive through width on mirror height (mm)2500
Voltage (V)400
Frequency (Hz)50
Number of current phases (Ph)3
Weight without accessories (kg)1500
Weight incl. packaging (kg)1558
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)1975 x 3500 x 3765