Equipped as standard with Tact, the automatic system for filter cleaning, our single-bay self-service vacuum cleaner SB VC 1 guarantees maximum suction power at any time during operation and brings out the best in the optimised, ergonomic suction nozzle. Whether it is on the surface or in the numerous crevices and gaps in vehicle interiors: Optimal cleaning results are a matter of course. Clever details such as the hose recovery with fibreglass pole, which minimises ground contact of the suction hose and thus prevents dirt getting into the vehicle, are also part of the overall concept. You can also choose many other equipment details, including, for example, the start system. Here we offer either an electronic coin acceptor, which accepts different coins and tokens, or a mechanical coin acceptor. However, if you only use the SB VC 1 within the company, a start switch can also be installed. Separate keys for operating and vacuuming unit are also available and there is a choice of several colours.

Tact automatic filter cleaning system

Suction power remains at a consistently high level. Extends the life of the filter and turbine. Extended intervals for filter cleaning and replacement save time and reduce costs.

Hose recovery with fibreglass pole

Effectively minimises floor contact of the hose. Protects the hose. Prevents dirt from being carried into the vehicle.

Optimised, ergonomic suction nozzle

Excellent cleaning results, both on surfaces and edges and gaps. Special surface structure around the handle. Efficient vacuuming for high customer satisfaction.

Air flow (l/s)74
Vacuum (mbar)254
Connected load (kW)1,38
Container content (l)36
Sound pressure level (dB(A))60
Number of current phases (Ph)1
Frequency (Hz)50 / 60
Voltage (V)230