Jerzy Bobrowicz Jr.


A graduate of the Maritime University with a degree MCs Engineer. He has completed numerous trainings in the cleaning industry in many countries, including Singapore, Germany and Spain.

A salesman by vocation. Focused on the highest quality products.
He introduced the EHRLE brand on the Polish market and several dozen countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Responsible for sales of over 2,000 car washes in Poland and Eastern Europe, in the car wash industry is called “King of Car Wash”.

CEO of Ehrle Sp. z o.o. since its establishment in Poland in 2004. Constantly is developing the sales of EHRLE car washes, gaining for the company the title of the leader in the industry and the most recognizable brand on the Central and Eastern European market. Currently managing a group of several dozen employees. A valued employer and entrepreneur.

Member of the American International Association of Experts in Cleaning and Care ISSA since 2005. Musician, for many years plays drums.Involved in the transfer of Polish rock musicians to well-known rock bands around the world. Sponsor of numerous projects supporting the development of young athletes. As a socially responsible entrepreneur, he supports charity actions. Animal lover, vegetarian. Languages: Polish, English, Russian and Bulgarian.