• SLM I
  • SLM II

SLM – storage tank charger module 50-160 kW

Alternative heat generators such as oil or gas heating boilers, district heating trans-fer stations, solar thermal systems and the necessary floor heating with system separation for winter operation can be connected to the SLM storage tank charger modules.

Another advantage is the simple connection to existing heating systems.

ModelSLM I 1–3 Wash baysSLM II 4–5 Wash baysSLM III 6–8 Wash bays
Order N°620000000000162000000000026200000000003
Heat exchanger capacity75 kW105 kW160 kW
Heating circuit (ΔT = 30 K)2,1 m³/h3,0 m³/h4,7 m³/h
Heating circuit nominal width25 DN25 DN32 DN
Washing water circuit (ΔT = 20 K)3,2 m³/h4,5 m³/h6,9 m³/h
Power Type3 Ph/400 V/50 Hz3 Ph/400 V/50 Hz3 Ph/400 V/50 Hz
Connection power0,65 kW0,75 kW1,15 kW
Dimensions L x W x H74 x 100 x 216 cm74 x 100 x 216 cm74 x 100 x 216 cm
Weight350 kg350 kg350 kg