The SB MB coin or token-operated self-service washing system can be supplied as a cabinet version for outdoor installation or as a pre-assembled skid version for installation in a technical room, according to the customer’s wishes. The system is designed for the operation of up to four washing stations and is fabricated individually in accordance with specific customer wishes and needs. This ensures that the system includes exactly the components that are actually needed and desired. The SB MB is available in three cabinet versions (Cab, Cab 1 and Cab 2) for outdoor installation and a skid version for installation in an existing technical room. The Cab 1 and Cab 2 versions are placed between the washing stations because they are equipped with operator terminals and storage spaces for washing tools. By contrast, the Cab version does not have an operator terminal and is therefore not placed between the washing stations. The individual washing stations are operated under remote control.

Reliable dosing

Pneumatic dosing pumps ensure process reliability, and therefore satisfied customers, at every wash bay during peak periods. Protect the environment and reduce costs at the same time

Cost-effective cleaning

Using detergent concentrate ensures lower consumption, which means that your systems can be run at a reduced cost both to you and to the environment.

Simple maintenance

The large front doors with a removable middle bar allow easy access to the assemblies – this saves maintenance time and your system is soon ready to use again.

Working pressure (bar)100 - 120
Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz)3 / 400 / 50
Hot water (°C)max. 60
Flow rate per pump (l/h)500 / 900
Weight without accessories (kg)30
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)2000 x 1000 x 2300